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graphic + web design • Mac computer support
standard : $130.00 per hour
charged for any in-house or on-site work, with minimum half hour
concession : $65.00 per hour
must have current pension card, student identity card, etc. for 50% discount

quotes (basic) : FREE
includes current pricing, with minimal product details
quotes (professional) : $100.00 individual / $200.00 corporate
includes current pricing for 'good', 'better' + 'best' solutions, with complete product details

phone + email support : FREE

data backup / transfer : $35.00 setup fee + 25¢ per GB or part thereof

$10.00 : less than 10km e.g. Devonport, Ambleside, Quoiba, Don, Lillico
$16.50 : 10-15km e.g. Spreyton, Latrobe, Turners Beach, Wesley Vale, Forth
$27.50 : 15-30km e.g. Ulverstone, Penguin, Port Sorell
$44.00 : 30-60km e.g. Burnie, Sheffield, Deloraine, Exeter
$82.50 : 60-120km e.g. Launceston, Sisters Beach, Mole Creek

All prices valid from 1st February 2016. All amounts include 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax).
Payment required within seven (7) days, C.O.D. preferred (cash, cheque, money order or direct deposit payments accepted).

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